Our agricultural holding -based in Anversa degli Abruzzi, a central position towords Abruzzi Natural Reserve and Protected Areas- hans launched an awareness campaign with a view to get a wide audience involved in a serious matter: the depopulation of the mountains and the environmental decline. Cattle breeders are left alone in the protection of the territory, while concepts like productivity, efficiency, profitability become increasingly important for the public authorities.

The defense of the natural heritage and cultural legacy of mountain civilization tends to appear like a perishable value today, as extensive sheep breeding becomes more and more marginal. Yet it is the link with that same heritage and that same legacy, which has led to important results in our County (above all, the presence of the oldest Natural Reserve of Italy).
Only few people understand the importance of quality semi-wild breeding both for the nourishing value of the products and for the role of environmental protection they play (fire -prevention, hydrological defense of the territory, bio-diversity conservation).

Our campaign “Adopt a Sheep, Defend Nature” intends to reverse this negative trend, by proposing all lovers of nature and food to adopt a sheep. In return for the payment of maintainance costs and breeding expences, the adoptive parent will receive the fruits produced by the adopted animal (lamb, milk, cheese, ricotta cheese, wool, fertilizer) amd will contribute to protect the territory (sheep breeding has proved to conserve the environment in the area occupied by the herds). The farms taking part in the project guarantee their products with quality labels (many of them are organic products) and offer accommodation in their premises, so that guests can attend in person the phases of cattle breeding (pasture, birth of lambs, lactacion, shearing, transhumance), in full respect of the animals and their needs.

The campaign will be documented with regular and transparent written contracts. All passages and accounting aspects will be registered with invoices and proper documents, according to the law.

The campaign “Adopt a Sheep, Defend Nature” grants the following advantages:

  • the adoptive parents have 12% reduction on their stay/ purchases / meals (at our farm restaurant)
  • 100% purity and autenticity of our products is guaranteed
  • the adoptive parents can optionally decide to benefit from the products derived from the adopted sheep, as the adoption can also be “nominal” (except for the dairy products, which need the milk of more than one sheep only).
    The campaign is a valuable cultural enterprise, as the presence of the shepherds who carry on this legacy is dramatically decreasing in number.


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