Adopt a Sheep

Help the Survival of a MILLENARY CULTURE: Our initiative “Adopt a sheep, defend nature” aims to reverse this serious trend, proposing to naturalists, environment lovers, gourmets, to adopt a sheep at a distance that in return of maintenance and breeding costs, it can guarantee not only its own fruits (lamb, milk, cheese, ricotta, wool, fertilizer), but also the safeguard of the portion of territory that guards with its companions. DEFEND THE NATURE: The farms adhering to the project, guarantee quality products with their own brands, including biological ones, offering, among other things, the possibility of agritourism receptivity, so that the interested parties have the possibility to be hosted at leaguers, in order to periodically follow the breeding, in the various phases of its activity, from pasture, childbirth, breastfeeding, shearing, transhumance. However, this is included in the logic of full respect for animals and their needs and habits, such as the organic production regulations.

The Idea

To draw interest and attention on the problems so much felt by those who, like us, perhaps against the current, have chosen to dedicate their lives to safeguarding activities as noble as they are difficult and painful.


Reaching sensitive and caring people to environmental and cultural problems to the pastoral world, to its wealth of values, sensations, feelings, material actions, ritual and humble gestures.


offer certified organic production directly, avoiding costly and unnecessary steps, guaranteeing the consumer even the possibility of a direct control of production and breeding and processing techniques, being able to closely follow, in the farm, the breeding in every moment.

Benefits of Adoption

a savings of over 12% on the market value of the products obtained from this operation; the absolute certainty of the genuineness of the products; the possibility (at the user's choice) to take advantage of the products deriving from the sheep adopted as the adoption can also be of nominal type, apart from the dairy products that need the milk of several sheep.

Always in Touch

The beneficiary can follow the breeding also at a distance, by computer or conventional correspondence, and request all the information concerning the breeding trend to follow all the main production phases, from the choice of the breeder, to the mating, from the milking, shearing, transfer to the mountain pasture, litter composting, participation in fairs and so on.

Discounts and Events

The holders of the adoption are reserved special discounts, discounts or promotions for pastoral events: shearing party, transhumance party, guide of the herds to the pasture on foot or horseback, guided tours, laboratories of taste, educational activities for schools, laboratories of cheese production, natural wool dyes, felt processing, etc.

Adopt a sheep with € 180 per year

Find out what you’ll get in return with a simple adoption.

Adopt a Sheep

Read all the information on ``what it means to adopt a sheep and what you will receive in return``. In this way you will help the environment, the territory, tradition, pastoral activity and your health by eating guaranteed and genuine products

School in the Farm

If you want to know the techniques of processing and making cheese, participating in all the activities of pastoralism, subscribe to our newsletter or request to participate in one of our laboratories, both for adults and children.


Participate in pastoral events. Subscribe to the newsletters and consult our calendar of events always updated on the activities and initiatives promoted by us to spread pastoral culture.

Year of Birth


Livestock Heads





We save NATURE

The farms taking part in the project, guarantee their products with organic labels, even biological ones

SCHOOL at the Farm

Ask to participate in one of our laboratories, both for adults and children.


Participate in pastoral events. Subscribe to the newsletter and see our events calendar


You can adopt a sheep and save the nature and the mountain environment


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