This is an unofficial name to define a local breed of dog, the “pastore abruzzese”, that is able to act like a “white weapone”, i.e. this dog is able to discourage any predator from attacking the herd. ARPO, in agreement with Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo (Abruzzi Natural Reserve), has developed a project for the protection of this breed of dogs. It is a white Molossian that moves in numbers: the dominant dogs raise the alarm when they see a potential danger. They start barking, show their teeth and make up a line in defense of the herd.

Abruzzi National Reserve has decided to sign the project, and this confirms the importance of this campaign. This breed of dogs is definitely special to men, as they are peaceful and collaborative. They hardly attack -even before wolves- still they are a very effective deterrent against all kinds of predators, that flee terrified by their outstanding size and teeth.

ARPO has created training courses for sheep breeders about how to raise a sheepdog. The good sheepdog is the one that keeps a halfway position between men and the herd. When the dog is not spoiled, it will choose its place outside the herd, in a normally dominant position, in order to control the surrounding territory avoiding distractions. The “pastore abruzzese” is a sober kind of dog, very shy and peaceful. It never attacks if not disturbed. In an urban context it turns out to be a very good companion, unlike the “pastore maremmano”, that is more distrustful and hot-tempered. Yet, for a bizarre approximation by ENCI (Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italia – Italian National Board of Dog Breeding), the two breeds share the same classification, as “Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese”.


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