For over 20 years, we have been operating on the principle of social economy, in order to fix the difficulties of isolated farmers, scattered over the mountains in the province of L'Aquila, i.e. a territory with very low density of population and very high distribution costs.


We intend to boost micro-economy, the traditional market (small shops of typical products made in the territory), the companies still weakened by L'Aquila earthquake.


Our organic products and our initiatives have achieved various awards and aknowledgments, with about 1000 articles on newspapers from all overo the world and over 100 reports on international tv channels.



The PARCO PRODUCE was founded in the Abruzzo region of L’Aquila in 1995, with an agreement with the local farmers and the focus on traditional products to challenge life to a virtuous circle of solidarity economy in which companies share 6 fundamental principles:

1. Our economy focuses on simple, genuine products. All of them have been certified organic products since 1995. All of them are offered for a fair price, considering production costs, organic processes, the critical productivity of the area (high mountains). Our prices are not added with inadequate recharge as we like to give priority to relationships instead of income. We try to use as little packaging as possible. Our chain is different: no longer “producer-distributor-consumer” but faces, ideas, desires, values, personal relationships grounded on confidence and sharing

2. We believe in protection and defence of the environment as an essential factor This is an antidote against neglect and decline. On the contrary, we want to sustain the rich bio-diversity of the mountains in the province of L’Aquila.

3. Our job aims at promotion and dissemination of environnmentally sustainable praxis (from cultivation processes to the well-being of livestock, from sober life style to helpful way of working).

4. Our way of working focuses on respect. This means both respecting people and respecting the law, in order to increase well-being for all, with an active participation in social entreprises;

5. We consider it important to reduce consumptions and to improve our “ecological footprint”. i.e. the impact our behaviours have on the environment;

6. With our commitment we mean to support projects of social/responsible agriculture. Also, we intend to stress the concept of “care”, which is typical of rural society, with our projects of “didactic farm” (guided visits of school groups). According to the ancient social culture, the farmer takes care of a seed, a plant, an animal. He/she faces the future with an optimistic attitude, hoping in a good harvest or in a new birth. The youths pass in harmony into the adult age, when they feel able to take care of people and things. This passage is not this natural in the urban environment.

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